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";s:4:"text";s:7322:"It’s a great performer at a great price! The issue with this is, that the mic has less room for EQ’ing before getting into poor territory. Sennheiser e835 vs Shure SM58; Read Before You Buy! Whenever I use a SM58 on a live vocal I end up having to pull out some lows and low mids. No matter where you’re using your Sennheiser e835, you will have a detailed and dynamic sound with its richness on a great level. After testing out on my voice, I finally understood why. Check this article I wrote where I do an In-Depth comparison of both these Audio Interfaces. As far as technical characteristics go, the E 835 has a standard cardioid polar pick up and pattern and picks up frequencies between 40 Hz and 16 kHz. Required fields are marked *. What’s great about both these microphones is the cost. It has been the go-to Microphone for live performances and odds are, you have seen videos of your favorite singer using one at multiple occasions. The 835 + level, better DEFINITIONS, the 58 ct parat dull and I wonder why this microphone as successful? It’s just simpler to get a great sound. Dynamic vocal microphone (hyper) cardioid. Crisp, clear with good bottom end. As with many things, it all comes down to personal taste. Whether or not you prefer this microphone, comes down to your personal taste. This beats other mics (Shure 58's, Berringer H1000, and even a higher dollar. It should be extremely clear that no matter which one you choose, you will get a great piece of equipment. Rated impedance is 150 Ohms (300 Ohms actual). The low-end also sounds great and very defined. After about thirty minutes, she switched over to the Sennheiser e835 and the sound changed completely. They are both great for recording and performing live. (This content has been automatically translated from French). The Senheiser e835 is a hand held style dynamic microphone that can be used in just about any situation. Then we are going to do the same for the Shure SM58. I've worked in a music studio a couple of years back and now I mostly record at home and try to learn as much as I can about producing music and about the gear that is required to do so. It has a mid-range and high-end boost, plus a bass roll-off which is great for making vocals sound more natural and warm plus it doesn’t need much EQ’ing for it to sound great. The Sennheiser e835 is a handheld dynamic microphone, mostly used for vocals. First we’re going to talk about the Sennheiser e835, it’s features, what comes in the box with it and its specifications. If both of these microphones aren’t what you’re looking for, then make sure to read this article I wrote about the 16 best microphones under $300. I used there is a time you need a Shure SM58 stick to his mouth for a decent result, SENNHEISER E835 does not need it and we hear less outside noise and handling, it is advisable for more reasonably priced (- € 100, including foot and over). Judging by Sennheiser’s idea of creating a budget microphone that’s of great quality and easy to use, I would say that the e835 … It’s a great performer at a great price! This is something I really enjoy doing. Its construction is incredibly rugged which means that it should last you a long time, plus it comes with a 10 year warranty, which should give you confidence in its build quality. The e835 has a hypercardioid polar pick up pattern, so it picks up sound best when a source goes directly head on into it. e 835, Dynamic Microphone from Sennheiser in the evolution 800 series. In the long term, the Shure SM58 may beat the Sennheiser e835 in the durability department, even though they are both of great quality. For years now I've been interested in music production. The Sennheiser e835 is a handheld dynamic microphone, mostly used for vocals. The Senheiser e835 is a hand held style dynamic microphone that can be used in just about any situation. Even though Sennheiser e835 is … The Shure SM58 has been a staple in the music industry for decades now. Mackie ProFX8v2 8-Channel Effects Mixer (this one only has Stereo Output, so it’s not great for multitrack recording but good for live settings). I do believe that it is probably best suited for vocals during live shows, since it has a nice build and really just looks like it would be best for live shows. The sound quality is supurb in my view! Most people will agree that Sennheiser e835 and Shure SM58 are two the most popular models of affordable and budget-friendly dynamic microphones. I hope this was useful! Shure 58 Has more feedback sensitivity then the Sennheiser E835 Microphone … Don’t forget to get a mic stand and a windscreen also, should you need them! For lower volume singing, the e835 definitely takes the lead over the SM58, while with really loud screaming voices, the SM58 would be your best bet! The Sennheiser E 835 is a dynamic microphone suitable for use both on the stage and in the recording studio. I’ve always found it to be a bit more muddy.Sennheiser on the other hand is much clearer right off the bat and needs much less EQ’ing to get it sounding good. Check prices here: Shure SM58 (link to Amazon). The setting that I used it in was for a live recording session. It’s designed for professional vocal use in live performance, sound reinforcement, and studio recording. It has built in filter screen, just adding to it's usefulness on the stage. I've personally only used it in a recording studio where I was the assistant engineering on the session. Since I'm an audio engineer working in studios and not live sound, I've only used the E 835 for recording. Thanks to its cardioid pickup pattern and internal shock mount, unnecessary … But it’s not the only option, nor necessarily the best one. They are both very affordable and of great quality. However, the Shure SM58 is better for hard-screaming vocals and also has a more durable build. I used the mic for recording vocals during the recording of a full band for a live recording session. Just like the Sennheiser e835, the Shure SM58 has a built-in shock  mount, to cut down on handling noise, and is built like an absolute tank, so it’s really great for live performances and to take it on the road. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (comes with Pro Tools First). Sennheiser e835 Handheld Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Features at a Glance: The Sennheiser E 835 is a microphone that folks all over the world consider not only equal to the legendary Shure SM58, but a superior. Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX (which can do 8 multitrack recordings at the same time, also can be used live). Let’s break them both down to see which one is best for you; The Sennheiser e835 has a high-end boost as well as better mid-range when compared to the Shure SM58, and it sounds better without any EQ applied to it. The Sennheiser e835 doesn’t need that much EQ to sound great, while on the other hand, the Shure SM58 won’t sound as good UNTIL you EQ’d the track. This means it can’t be pushed with EQ like the SM58 can. In this case the Sennheiser e835 would resemble a finished product, while the Shure SM58 would resemble more of a canvas. But you can’t “customize” it s sound as much, if that makes sense. Performance. This Microphone has a built-in pop-filter that is quite effective, not perfect though. 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